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How to Achieve Prestige on a Budget: Enroll in Harvard Extension School's Bachelor of Liberal Arts
Learn some important details about Harvard Extension School's Bachelor's programme in Liberal Arts. Read how to get inexpensive, world-class education
Study abroad in Hungary with Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship!
The application period for Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship 2017-2018 academic year got started!
TOEFLģ: 5 Tips for Learning English Quickly
Want to learn English a bit more quickly? Learn some helpful secrets.
Become a Hero for International University Students Ė Join the League of Students!
Become a Hero for International University Students Ė Join the League of Students!
Join the League of Students, become a StudyPortals student ambassador to upgrade your study abroad adventure to an awesome level and visit Europe!

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Why Studying a Bachelorís in Italy Is an Offer You Canít Refuse
Find out why studying a Bachelor's degree in Italy is the best decision you could make for your undergraduate programme.
Why You Should Study an International Bachelorís Degree in Canada
Top ranked universities, quality Bachelorís programmes, affordable tuition, and living costs, make Canada an international student destination.
6 Reasons to Study Your International Bachelorís Degree in Germany
A model of academic excellence, and an affordable country, Germany attracts international students like very few countries in the world can. Find out why.
How Online Bachelors Work and Why You Should Study One
Understand how online Bachelors work, what are the main reasons why they are popular, and where you can study the best online Bachelorís programmes.
Top Australian Universities Where You Should Study a Bachelorís Degree in 2018
To help you find the right Australian university to do your Bachelorís degree, we dug deep and came up with the top international Australian universities.
How a Free Bachelorís Degree May Cost You More Than a Paid One
Find out information about tuition fees in Europe and some financial disadvantages of no-tuition Bachelors.
Is a Bachelorís in Biomedical Engineering right for you?
Discover what you will study during a Bachelorís in Biomedical Engineering and if this type of degree is right for you.
5 Ways to Finance Your International Bachelorís Degree
Discover ways to finance your studies abroad: scholarships, student loans, grants, and employment options.
Step 1 for Saving the Planet: Study a Top Bachelorís in Environmental Engineering
Find out more about Bachelors studies in Environmental Engineering.
Top 5 Reasons to Study a Bachelorís Degree in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden or Iceland
Find out why you should do your Bachelor's degree in Northern countries like Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden
Most Popular 9 Disciplines to Study During Your Bachelor's Abroad
See the most popular Bachelor's discipline and decided which is the right choice of study for you.
5 Reasons Australia is a Great International Destination for Your Bachelorís Degree
With various top ranked-universities and a highly cosmopolitan society, Australia is a Bachelorís student dream destination. Find out why.
Picking a Career Based on Your Interests: 5 Paths to Pursue Today!
Finding the right career path may not come that easy for everyone. Check out some of the most popular careers and try figuring out what's best for you.
The Most Dazzling Fine Arts Bachelorís Degrees to Get in the US
Learn about Fine Arts Bachelor's programmes in the U.S.. Decide on a programme that suits your artistic interests and ambitions.
Tuition Fees for International Bachelor's Students in European Universities
Each students' dream is to study a Bachelor's abroad. Find out about tuition fees in
How Our Admission Chance Tool Works
Here is a quick overview of the Admission Chance tool, with which we predict your admission chances. You'll learn about what it is and how it works.
Essential Apps International Bachelorís Students Need to Have When Going Abroad
A guide to essential apps every international Bachelor's student needs to have when going to study abroad.
Little-known Education Bachelorís Programmes for Aspiring Teachers
Check out some excellent Education Bachelor's programmes, available at universities worldwide, offering excellent teacher training.
Why Future Engineers Go to the Netherlands for a Bachelorís Degree
Find out why you should do a Bachelor's in Engineering in the Netherlands
4 Types of Colleges in the U.S. for Studying an International Bachelor's
Find out what separates different college models in the U.S. Learn the difference between liberal arts vs. community college vs. vocational school.
Studying in Norway: Financial Matters and Living Costs
Find out everything you should know about the study expenses and living costs in Norway for international students following their Bachelor's degree.

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